Achieve better quality of life with Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a healthcare discipline that focuses on restoring the neuro-functional relationship between the spine, muscle, and nervous system. This is achieved through specific spinal adjustments and rehabilitative exercises. Restoring an optimal nervous system can have a positive effect on one’s health and wellbeing.

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Chiropractic Clinic Singapore

A conversation between two men at a Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore, discussing health concerns.

Initial Consultation

Our Chiropractic doctors will go through:
1. Patient history
2. Chiropractic Treatment and physical examination
3.Referral for spinal X-rays if required

A man receiving a back massage at the Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore.

Treatment Visits

Each treatment visits progressively improve your spinal alignment. Therefore improving your condition and wellbeing.


Have been with Dr Gerry for years, very good and patient Doctor who listen to your problems and issues and will explain to you nicely what is the cause of the issue. It really helps with all the backaches and tension headaches.

I came with a sciatica problem due to ageing and a bad posture working from home. Thanks to Dr. Jeff, his professionalism and skills, after several sessions I was able to work out again. I really recommend this clinic.

Basically mine is desk job all the day, due to my my job i am suffering with back pain. After visiting Alpha Chiropractor My back is feeling so much better and I am currently extremely aware of my Posture. All gratitude to the specialists and group. I strongly prescribe Alpha Chiropractor if your are looking for best one in Singapore. Dr. Gerry toh he is very cool person and listen all your problems with patience and give you a best treatment.


Clinical Supplies

Denneroll spinal orthotics when used as a home base exercise together with chiropractic treatment can aid with spinal correction. 

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A plastic block with a yellow handle, used at Chiropractic Clinic Singapore for therapeutic purposes.

At Alpha Chiropractic Health, we can help in treatment or management of various conditions such as: 

  • Neck and back pain
  • Headaches
  • Sport-related injuries
  • Scoliosis


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