Poor posture – results from muscle imbalances which often occur as a result of one’s daily activities. Muscles tighten and shorten whilst others become weak forcing the body into an unnatural posture. This so-called unnatural posture places stress on the joints, muscles and ligaments creating high levels of tension eventually leading to pain. The main causes of poor posture are

Poor Posture

  1. Scoliosis that is medical condition in which the spine is curved from side to side resembling an “S” or a “C” shape when viewed from behind. It can be treated by chiropractic care depending on the severity of the curvature. Severe scoliosis can put pressure on the heart, affect breathing and restrict physical activities. Surgery is often the last resort when it comes to dealing with scoliosis
  2. Work Ergonomics & Deskbound jobs play an important role in your future health. The more hours a day you sit leads to tightness in the hips, forward head posture, rolled shoulders, weak gluteal muscles and a myriad of other issues as a result of poor posture and work ergonomics. Your work posture eventually becomes your normal posture as a result eventually leading to pain and discomfort in the spine.
  3. Backpacks being heavy can cause many postural problems such as unnatural compression of the spine, poor posture or even cause nerve damage if the straps of the backpack are too tight. Wearing a backpack correctly and making sure it isn’t too heavy are two very important tips. There’s a lot of research out there that shows backpacks weighing more than about 10% of your body weight will force you to kind of bend forward to compensate for the weight of the backpack or wearing it slung over one side will cause your posture to lean towards the other side.