Sciatic pain

Sciatic pain can occur with disc problems, poor posture, spinal arthritis, muscle imbalance or trauma.

It is vital that this condition is dealt with effectively as quickly as possible, as the more chronic it becomes the more difficult it can become to resolve. We have to be very careful to avoid lasting nerve damage. Generally the nerve pain is the result of a degenerating disc due to poor function which needs a functional approach to resolve the problem. Specific chiropractic adjustments can have near miraculous results and the earlier they are administered the better. We use carefully directed and controlled force to remove the interference, traction and stretching to open the joints and also, importantly, home exercises to improve flexibility and build up necessary spinal stability.

Initially we will conduct a thorough history, exam and consultation to determine if you are a candidate for our rehabilitation protocols.

Suffering from leg or hip pain due to spinal dysfunction is unnecessary and if ignored, it will usually get worse.
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