Chiropractic Care

Back Pain

Having low back pain? Health professionals may refer to Chiropractic doctors for the treatment of lower back pain due to their speciality in treating mechanical disorders of the spine.

Neck Pain

Neck pains are caused by various actions such as trauma from sports injuries, whiplash injuries, poor posture or any activity with repetative stress on the joints and muscle.

Shoulder Pain

A painful shoulder can make even simple tasks to difficult to do. You might find it hard to use your arm or your hand. But getting the right treatment can help.

Knee Pain

Knee pain most people consider it to be synonymous with age and weakness, so many people tolerate the pain untill the damage is too much, knee pain is a very common condition.


If you suffer from frequent migraine attack you have probably spent hours searching for effective treatment or home remedies to bring you relief.

Sport Injury

That is where the tendon and /or muscle is pulled too far in a particular direction; contusion, which is usually as a result of a direct blow to the muscle; tendonities.